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Alice O'Connor

MechWarrior 5 DLC delayed to avoid Cyberpunk 2077

Launching on the same day didn't sound gret


Cuphead expansion delayed into next year

Better late than rushed!

13 hours ago

MechWarrior 5 DLC delayed to avoid Cyberpunk 2077

When CD Projekt Red announce a Cyberpunk 2077 release date, they plant a neon battle banner on the calendar and shouting "FIGHT ME, COWARDS" at other developers. Most, sensibly, decline to. The makers of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries had planned to launch its first DLC on December 10th but, well, that's the date Cyberpunk is now due. So rather than fight a colossal mech built of…

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15 hours ago

Baldur’s Gate 3’s next patch will make you start a new save

A new early access update is headed to Baldur's Gate 3 soon, and be warned: it will break save file compatibility, requiring players to start a new save to play with the patch. You will be able to revert to the previous version of the game to continue an existing save, mind, just without any of the newness. Yeah it's a hassle but it's to…

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18 hours ago

Cuphead expansion delayed into next year

You'll need to wait to continue the stylish adventures of our boy Cuphead, as the developers have delayed its expansion by another year. Adding a new island and playable character, The Delicious Last Course was previously due this year but nah, Studio MDHR say the whole pandemic has thrown them off course, and they'd rather do it right than rush it out.

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1 day ago

Black Mesa’s Definitive Edition update makes it just about finished

After over a decade of work (and nine months after actually releasing the game), the Black Mesa gang are finally just about finished remaking Half-Life. Today they launch a big update they're calling the 'Definitive Edition', with changes including a visual refresh of many areas, performance improvements, extra polishing, and a redo of one level from the bit with all the trains. They... still have…

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2 days ago

Learn the secrets of Monkey Island with Ron Gilbert in this stream

In celebration of The Secret Of Monkey Island's 30th birthday last month (30!), the Video Game History Foundation held a stream discussing the classic adventure game with boss man Ron Gilbert. That cost $10 to help support their preservation work, but after a few weeks they've made it free for everyone to watch. Seeing as the Foundation are well into the development of games, not…

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Square Enix to make working from home permanent

The pandemic has forced many companies to challenge their ideas about how they make games, especially about having everyone together in offices. Final Fantasy makers Square Enix shifted to working from home this year, and it's gone so well that they're choosing to open this up as a permanent option for many. They say this will let them increase flexibility and diversity, help with work-life…

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Milla Jovovich joins Monster Hunter: World in movie crossover

A Monster Hunter movie from the director of Resident Evil could never actually be like Monster Hunter the game... unless Capcom made the game like the movie. Which they are. They've announced a crossover event between Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and the upcoming movie, where we'll get to play as Milla Jovovich's character from the Paul W. S. Anderson flick and earn her armour for…

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Red Dead Online launching a cheaper standalone version

For those who fancy the rootin' tootin' multiplayer shootin' of Red Dead Online but aren't too interested in the grudgin' trudgin' singleplayer buy-in of the full Red Dead Redemption 2 package, Rockstar have announced a standalone version of RDO. It's launching next week with an introductory price of $5 for several months, which, sure, is a price that'd get my interest. Not least of all…

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3 days ago

Fortnite subscription service will give skins and store cash for £10/month

If your nieces and nephews are not yet pestering you with Christmas lists of page and item numbers from the Argos catalogue, here's something else you'll likely have demanded: a Fortnite subscription. Epic Games today announced the Fortnite Crew, a £10/month optional subscription service offering exclusive outfits plus pocket money for the item store. That's launching alongside Chapter 2, Season 5 next Wednesday, the 2nd…

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Football Manager 2021 is out now, reflecting some of the pandemic’s effects on footie

Sports Interactive today released Football Manager 2021, their latest digital adaptation of your dad shouting at the telly. You too can have all the answers to lead a team to glory in leagues and competitions around the world. It's been a strange year for football (and for everything) so FM2021 does reflect some of the pandemic's effects on the beautiful game. However, the devs want…

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Crusader Kings 3 now lets you create your own character

What's the point of conquering medieval Europe if you can't do it as yourself, your mate, a minor television celebrity e.g. Noel Edmonds, or Shrek? Thankfully, Crusader Kings 3 today adds a 'Ruler Designer' in a free update, giving plenty of options to customise your starting character's appearance, personality, skills, and such. It has some pretty in-depth and gruesome customisation options so I look forward…

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Running DOS off a vinyl record is wildly impractical but deeply hip

In the PC gaming spirit of trying to run software on the daftest hardware you can put together, I present to you: a DOS boot disk that's actually a vinyl record. With a record player hooked up to a PC and data encoded as a soundwave inscribed on custom-made 10" vinyl, software developer Jozef Bogin has made a hip and wildly impractical storage medium to…

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1 week ago

Feature: Hack the planet!

As Cyberpunk 2077 is running late, here’s a broad spread of cyberpunky fun

Now that Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again until December 10th, what are you to do? You've grown a lurid blue mohawk, your leather jacket is almost worn in, and your prescription mirrorshades are ready for collection at Specsavers - but for what? You might as well use this time to explore all games cyberpunky, from edgy and nihilistic griping about how the future sucks to…

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2 weeks ago

What new gaming subscription service would you want?

One-off purchases are out, and recurring payments are in. Subscription services are hot again, with publishers from EA to Ubisoft giving access to their games for monthly fees, Stadia charging for better cloud gaming, Fortnite considering fashion subs, and so many companies threatening to send boxes of tat to your door. So few seem worth it. But I'm curious: if you could create a new…

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GTA Online is giving players $1,000,000 free (in fake money)

It's great fun to pootle around GTA Online, taking in the sights and doing casual crimes. It's less fun to grind the millions of virtuabucks you need for cool crimetoys and hot crimefashion, especially when Rockstar also sell the in-game cash for real money and it can sure feel like they're pushing you to buy. But, good news: this week they're offering a chance to…

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League Of Legends devs deny Seraphine is based on a real person

The latest wizard in League Of Legends is Seraphine, a pink-haired pop star who has also sang with League's out-of-fiction virtual girl group, K/DA. Yesterday, a woman named Stephanie alleged that the character is based on her, and she's not happy about it. She says she had briefly dated a Riot employee who sure gave the impression that she might play some part in the…

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Lawsuit claims Fifa uses dynamic difficulty to sell more loot boxes

A new class-action lawsuit accuses Electronic Arts of using dynamic difficulty to pressure players into buying more loot boxes in the card-collecting Ultimate Team mode of Fifa and other sports games. The plaintiffs claim the games use a dynamically difficulty adjustment system which makes teams seem worse than they are, perpetually nudging people to buy 'Player Packs' for improve their teams. EA responded saying simply…

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light feels like someone else’s school reunion

In the run-up to yesterday's launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, many players were excited for the return of familiar people and places. Will Randal the Vandal be up to his old tricks? Will the Exo Stranger say what she said six years ago? But Destiny 1 wasn't on PC so I didn't play it, and I feel like I've turned up to someone else's…

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Take-Two are buying F1 devs Codemasters

Take-Two Interactive, the owners of Rockstar and 2K, have confirmed they will buy Codemasters in a £759 million deal. Codies are the company behind racing series like F1 and Dirt, though they've dabbled in other genres too, who also recently bought Project Cars devs Slightly Mad. Take-Two said last week that they were in talks, and now they've reached an agreement that should see the…

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