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Shadow-hopping platformer Schim emerges into the light in July

A bit like Hitman but a platformer and with no murder?

Hopping between shadows in the park in a SCHiM screenshot.
Image credit: Extra Nice

If you'll be hiding from the sweltering sun in July (I say, daring the fates to try to spite me by delivering a cracking summer), good news: you won't be the only shadow-dweller. The fascinating Schim finally has a release date, July 18th. It stars a little shadowy soul trying to reconnect with its human by hopping from shadow to shadow through city streets, farms, factories, and parks bustling with life and moving parts. See how it works in the new trailer below!

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I'm dead excited for this, having watched the its development across years of #ScreenshotSaturday tweets (enough that I once said I possibly post it too often).

I enjoy games offering worlds as little puzzleboxes full of moving pieces to track and figure out how they might interact with other moving parts. Ride this pedestrian's shadow to that tree. Launch yourself over to the sheep. Wait for that light to go out and create new shadows. Pop from there behind a car and head round the roundabout. A journey made with dozens of travel companions who share their lives and shade without even noticing you. Ah it just seems lovely. A bit like Hitman without all the murder, yeah?

Schim is hopping onto Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam and on the 18th of July, priced at $25 (regional prices TBA). It's also headed to PlayStations, Xboxes, and Switch. The game's made by Ewoud van der Werf and Nils Slijkerman, and published by Extra Nice and Playism.

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