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Crytek's Dinosaur Island VR Demo Now Dinoloadable

An unsafe dinosaur experience

After some foolish experiments in the ’90s left dozens of people dead, scientists have mostly stopped trying to resurrect dinosaurs. It's fine, don't worry, now dinofans are only resurrecting them electron-sized within the secure confines of computers. Look at Crytek and their Back to Dinosaur Island, a tech demo with a dino nest safely inside y- wait, what? You have to put on virtual reality goggles and get shrunk down and travel inside your PC to confront the dinosaurs? Reader dear, do not do this – it is not safe.

Crytek today released the tech demo for all to nab through Steam, eight months after first showing it. Do not download it and enter with your cybergoggles. It cannot be safe.

Watch on YouTube

This is perhaps offered in comisseration after Crytek announced that the full game this tech demo inspired, Robinson: The Journey, will not be coming to PC. I'm glad I've now got to re-use the post intro I'd originally written for that. Efficient use of #content here.

You'll need Oculus Rift DK2 cybergoggles or newer to poke your head inside Back to Dinosaur Island, mind, as well as a respectable PC to keep the framerate flowly freely. Jittery VR is not a pleasant experience.

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