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Crytek VR Demo Puts More Dinosaurs In Your Eyes


Time travel is dangerous, we all know - look at what happens to Doctor When's pals. That's why the burgeoning time travel industry's initial lineup of consumer products focuses on transporting only small parts of the body back in time. For £400, you can buy a pair of timegloves to touch 1682. Or for £500 you can transport your eyes in time and space, sending them to other eras and worlds. Crysis devs Crytek have a particular interest in sending eyes to see dinosaurs, and today they've released another bit of software letting people who own Rift timegoggles see some hoverdinos.

Crytek have put their Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 demo up on Steam, free for everyone to download and coo at. Hardware-wise, you'll need an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, an Xbox controller, and a fairly respectable PC. If you have all those, you can put your eyes in the face of an invisible spaceman (with uninvisible gloves) scaling a cliff face covered in hoverdinos. They don't seem to keen on this, so do be careful that the lizardbirds don't peck your eyes clean out the time portal.

But, as far as I know, Crytek still have no plans to bring their VR dinoventure Robinson: The Journey to PC. Just little snips and snaps of dinoterror.

If you don't have cybergoggles, like most of us, you can have a peek at the demo in YouTube video format:

Watch on YouTube

Can we save a lot of time if I say the current VR wave is so far doing nothing interesting enough for me to spend hundreds of pounds on it, and then you call me a cynic, then I sigh, then you say I'm a dinosaur, then I try to make a joke about dinosaurs or extinct technology or something, and it all goes... not even messy, just sloppy. It'll make us all look bad.

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