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Bad North is free on the Epic Games Store

Saga meets Epic

The latest free game Epic are footing the bill for to entice people onto their store is Bad North, 2018's real-time tactics game about handfuls of units defending pretty wee islands against Viking invaders. It's nice! It has a roguelikelike edge too, with units carrying over on our trip across the procedurally-generated islands of the archipelago. For free, mate, get in.

For a full opinion, see Alice Bee's Bad North review. Our former Adam was quite taken, saying it "distils real-time strategy to a pure form." The Mechanic had a good look at its units too, talking with co-creator and artist Oskar Stålberg. Even our Matthew, a self-confessed "idiot" when it comes to tactics and strategy, enjoyed it:

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And all that was before developers Plausible Concept overhauled a fair bit in an update they called the Jotunn Edition.

Bad North is free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store if you grab it by Friday the 29th. The usual price is £12/€15/$15. Epic's next freebie will be the lovely Rayman Legends, from November 29th.

If you enjoy the game's look, by the way, do also check out the wee procedural tileset doodads Oskar Stålberg has made before. He has a nice little planet and apartment blocks you can fiddle with in your browser. They're nice.

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