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Baldur's Gate 3 is revealing and launching Patch 5 next week

They say it's the biggest yet. Again.

Larian Studios recently made clear that their next big RPG Baldur's Gate 3 is "for sure" not leaving early access this year. It is for sure still getting big early access patches though, including their next major one Patch 5. Larian say it's scheduled to go live next week, as is another of their silly big livestreams to show off what's coming.

"It's an update that focuses on a lot of feedback that we've been getting, so it's more focused on features than it is on new content," Larian CEO Swen Vincke told GameSpot last month. "It's got a lot of new things in there which I think, I hope, are going to be well-received." As was the case with Patch 4 when it launched, Vincke said that Patch 5 is "more extensive than anything we've done so far," in terms of Baldur's Gate 3 updates.

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Given the focus on features over content, it sounds like Patch 5 likely won't be bringing another new class to the game like the Druid that arrived in Patch 4.

As has happened previously, Patch 5 will be incompatible with previous save files. Larian go over instructions on how to continue playing your Patch 4 game in their announcement post.

Their next Pannel From Hell livestream is happening next Thursday, July 8th at 7pm BST (11am PDT) over on Twitch. That's where Larian will be dishing out all the details on the newest game update. They tend to be a fun time, livestream technical foibles and all. Vincke usually wears his ridiculous suit of armor. Last time there was a live cow on set. I'm sure they have a similar level of silliness planned this time around.

Sure enough, they're calling it "Twitch Plays: A Most Noble Sacrifice" and say that it will have actors and Larian developers both participating in a live RPG.

"Take the reins as you direct our adventuring party through brain teasing puzzles and lethal traps as they quest to retrieve an object of incredible value. Call the shots, and take the adventure home with you in our first ‘LarPG’. We’re coming to you live from Gravensteen castle… but we can’t guarantee everyone will leave."

As for when the full release for Baldur's Gate 3 is planned, Vincke said last month that "we would be happy if we can manage to release it next year," meaning 2022. No guarantees though, he added.

Disclosure: Former RPSer Adam Smith has been in the Larian crew for a while now, as I've been reminded by them name-dropping him and his beard in this most recent announcement post.

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