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Baldur's Gate 3 sure is going to have some risqué romance scenes

Who are we going to Baldur's Date?

After a long day of questing and slaying, it's only right for an adventuring party to return to camp for a good wind down. In Baldur's Gate 3, that's where things get steamy, Larian Studios say. Camp is where the party can talk about the day's adventures—whether they agree about the player's choices or not. They'll also be open to more intimate activities if that's where you've managed to steer the relationship. Larian tease some of the down and dirty bits of their next big RPG in a new update video on romance and sex.

Lead writer Sarah Baylus explains that Baldur's Gate 3's party is made up of characters who'd never ordinarily be travelling companions but have been thrust together by the mind flayer threat they all share. Well, opposite attract, don't they? Baylus also goes over how conflict and relationship development between characters will play out while everyone is reflecting at the party camp. Different characters will make their opinions known on what factions or individuals you've been siding with or slaying.

I do enjoy some good party dynamics but look, I'm not going to pretend I didn't want to hear about the bedroll ballet, okay?

For that bit, Larian trot out cinematic director Jason Latino who describes using motion capture to convey the mood between characters outside of what's explicitly written in dialogue. Two actors play out a bit of a scene between party members Astarion and Shadowheart drinking wine under the stars, which you can then spot coming together in the game.

That is absolutely not the only thing that's coming together, Larian show through some sketches of sex scene storyboards. There appear to be quite a few variations, if those poses and another scene between Gale and the player are anything to go by.

"In multiplayer—once Origin Avatars have joined Early Access (not day 1)—the systems will technically allow you to have intimate moments with your friends," Larian add in their romance post. Choose your co-op party wisely, eh?

Larian include some other details about what goes down at camp in their post. You'll be able to exchange party members during a long rest in the game's first act, they say, but it sounds like you'll need to make a more permanent choice later on. I imagine there's a story spoiler to explain that bit. You'll also find other NPCs during your journey who can join your camp temporarily.

Larian also announced today that the Baldur's Gate 3 early access is delayed—but just by one week. The new expected launch date is Tuesday, October 6th.

Disclosure: Former RPS party member Adam Smith is now with Larian Studios.

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