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Baldur’s Gate 3’s fifth update brings backstories and sneaky dice flicks

The die is cast, but you can nudge it a little

I didn’t have the time to watch the two-hour larping session that they themed last night’s Baldur's Gate 3 announcement around. Thankfully, developers Larian Studios have bundled the update’s changes into a mere 9-minute update video. July 13's update will let you influence skill checks and role-play just a little bit more.

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During skill checks, the new active roll system lets you game things a little in your advantage. You’ll be able to see your bonuses on each check and cast spells to try and influence the dice roll. You can also spend inspiration points on a reroll. In multiplayer, other players can even help you out. As an example, game director Swen Winke had a lockpick check on a door that required a 20. He rolled a 15, but his companion Cleric pulled off an eight to open the door.

Though there are no new classes in the update, a new background goals system adds some content to the current roster. When you create your character, you also select an additional background from 130 choices. They’ll reward you for playing with the role selected. So, if you choose to be a Folk Hero from the list (“Champion of the common people, challenging tyrant and monsters to protect the helpless. Saving innocents in imminent danger will make your legend grow”.) you’ll be rewarded a point here and there when your actions match the backdrop. You’ll also be given small quests related to that backstory.

Camping is getting a small overhaul, with additional resources and supplies needed to break out the tent for a decent rest.

The AI should be much more responsive now. Enemies will pick up discarded weaponry and help each other to heal, and your own team should be smarter about their own choices.

The full patch will drop on Tuesday 13. I’ve been considering getting into BG3, as I’d like to play something that’s not Minecraft with my partner. Anyone been doing something similar? Let me know what it’s been like.

The game should be leaving early access next year.

[Also, Adam Smith, who works for Larian Studios was previously our Deputy Editor.]

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