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Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 4 will add Druids and their eight animal forms

The first new class comes stacked with skills

Larian Studios have introduced the next big update for their big early access D&D RPG Baldur's Gate 3. This one calls up the Druid class and their eight animals forms for you to play around with along with other game changes and improvements. Larian have just shown off lots of details about Druids in their second Panel From Hell event.

Update: Larian CEO Swen Vincke declared pretty emphatically at the start of the livestream that Patch 4 is "releasing today" though I've since gotten word from Larian that "he goofed." Patch 4 is actually arriving "soon, when it's ready."

Druids are the first new class added since BG3's early access launch and they've sure come prepared for the trip. Larian say they have access to more than 30 spells and abilities, including Wild Shape, which allows them to transform into an animal. You'll be able to speak to other animals while in their form as well, which I hope will be a source of many a hijinx. Divinity: Original Sin 2's animals were some of the funniest folks to talk with.

There are eight animal shapes available in Patch 4: cat, raven, dire wolf, badger, spider, and polar bear all have their own benefits like powerful attacks or stealth. There's also the deep rothe, a yak-looking creature that lives in the Underdark, and the abberant form which comes from the horrifying mindflayer tadpole living in your hero's head. Druids will have even more forms available to them by launch, Larian say.

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Beyond that, Druids can also be aligned with two different circles, the Circle of the Land or Circle of the Moon, which affect how they play. Land Druids gain additional power based on the kind of geography they're connected to while Moon Druids get access to the most powerful Wild Form shapes like those polar bears. Suppose I know which circle I'll be choosing. Bears beats everything.

I spotted this nice bear in RPS's Baldur's Gate 3 preview (now somewhat outdated, mind) from last February and have not forgotten since. I will definitely plan to become a polar bear myself so I can talk to this sleepy friend.

Aside from the Druids and their abilities, Patch 4 comes with some other changes and improvements. The option for "loaded dice" is meant to smooth out the extreme ends of random chance die rolls. Multiplayer pals will be able to see one another's spells and inventory and other information. They'll also be able to take and put items in one another's pockets. Larian will let you lock that ability later on but for now, they say, you'll just have to trust your friends. That'll go well, I'm sure.

Larian warned last week that Patch 4, like Patch 3, will be incompatible with previous save files for the game. Make sure you follow those instructions for playing on Patch 3 if you aren't ready to gather your party and venture forth just yet.

You can get a look at the Druids specifically in the trailer above or watch the entire livestream on YouTube.

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 4 is coming "very soon, when it's ready". As ever, you can find it over on Steam, GOG, and Stadia.

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