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Batman grapples into Fortnite Battle Royale

Batmen? Batsman?

Battle-royale-slash-ginormous-advertising-platform Fortnite has confirmed its Batman partnership in a blink and you’ll miss it livestream. Luckily, as is the power of online video, you can watch it again at your leisure, including right below. Or you can hop right into the game, where there are doubtless many bats competing to be the last one standing.

Watch on YouTube

Don’t worry about checking if anything happens after the 22-second mark; it doesn’t.

Batmen and a whole manner of batitems have descended into the game, along with Catwomen and catitems for balance. Capes and grappling hooks appear to be the main focus, which makes sense for these characters’ parkour ways. And I do like Catwoman’s stylish, jewel-eyed mask.

Gotham City has also appeared on the murder island, in a twist of space-time and equally complex corporate wrangling that doesn’t bear thinking about. For a full list of new stuff you can head on over to Epic’s website.

Today is the 80th anniversary of our esteemed batfriend, and how better to celebrate the anti-murder caped crusader than by jamming him into a battle royale. A bunch of Batman games are also currently free on the Epic Games Store, if you’d rather get your Bruce Wayne fix that way.

The Fortnite x Batman event will last until October the 6th.

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