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Battlefield 2042's latest update adds weekly missions and improves visibility

Alongside a mountain of other bug fixes and UI tweaks

Having released a slew of fixes last week, Dice continues their Battlefield 2042 rescue operation with a big patch that adds weekly missions, visual improvements to maps, UI tweaks, and Portal changes. So yes, there's a lot to get through. Shall we?

Update #3 is live now on all platforms and contains a mountain of bug fixes, quality of life fixes, and other additions.

One highlight includes weekly missions that will make their way into Battlefield 2042 next week. Each week you’ll get three tasks you can tackle for extra XP, and if you finish them all, you’ll earn a cosmetic reward. Can’t go wrong with an extra reward track, I suppose. I’m also a sucker for a little dangly bit for my guns. I find they take away the anger when I’ve clipped through a wall for the umpteenth time. Although there should be less of that, which is nice.

Custom mode editor Portal has also seen some tweaks too. New templates have arrived in Builder and a new custom mode called Vehicle Team Deathmatch should mean more vehicular hijinks.

But it’s the “Gameplay” and “Quality Of Life” sections which prove most satisfying. Menus have been streamlined so there’s less clicking around when it comes to customising your loadout. Clutter has been reduced to help with visibility as well. I’m particularly happy to see improved friend-or-foe markers that should make identifying baddies or comrades much easier. The amount of times I've sprayed a magazine into a friendly is embarassingly high.

Then we’ve got over 150 fixes to the game’s maps, which should mean less visual glitches and collision issues, a.k.a, less getting stuck in the ground. Even seemingly little things, like interaction improvements should mean less fiddling when trying to open doors or activate elevators. This should go a long way to focus the fight on your enemy, not the battlefield itself.

Dice plan on releasing one smaller update this month, focused on further balance changes, and more bug fixes. That's a pretty tight schedule, but they've made good on their word so far to finish Battlefield 2042. Maybe I'll jump back in and see if it's less crashy. Wish me luck.

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