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EA Runs Out Of Plugs, Leaks BF Hardline E3 Trailer Itself

It's a hard-knock line / for us

You think you know lines? You think you know their relative structural integrity? Newflash: YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT LINES. Battlefield Hardline? That's where it's at. Hardest lines in the biz. The business of lines, to be clear. Also it's about police and robbers, and now - finally, after roughly 167 leaks - EA's seen fit to release an official trailer. It's got a release date too: October.

Looks a lot more overtly action-y and high-octane than, say, Payday, but that may well have only been one or two maps. Also, it looked kinda story campaign-y to me. We'll see.

EA's still saying very little, obviously clinging to the soaking scraps of a big E3 reveal. However, the trailer does offer one piece of crucial information: Battlefield Hardline will be out in October 21st. Just in time for Hardlineween!

So right, now all that's left is to find out how the game, you know, actually works. Nothing like triple-A info dripfeeds to--[CHECK BACK ON MONDAY FOR THE REST OF THAT SCATHING COMMENTARY].

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