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Battletoads is out, rebooting Rare's beat 'em up

You can get a free Sea Of Thieves ship set by playing it, which is cool

I hope you're ready for a Rare throwback, because Battletoads has been released. Players will be able to hop into the side-scrolling beat 'em up today with a couple of pals to do some good old fashioned couch co-op platforming. This game is a reboot of the old series from the 90s, and this time it's sending those toads off into outer space.

Battletoads supports three-player local co-op playing as the famous amphibians, Rash, Zitz and Pimple. It also has Steam's Remote Play Together feature, so you should be able to have a go with your buds online, too.

Our corporate siblings over at Eurogamer thought it was alright, albeit just too short.

If you're a fan of both Battletoads and Sea Of Thieves, you might be pleased to know you can unlock a Fightin' Frogs ship set for free in the pirate game by completing the first level of Battletoads. Alternatively, you can buy the set when it hits the Pirate Emporium later this year, but you can get it for free now, so, bit of a no-brainer that one.

Battletoads is out right now on Steam and the Microsoft Store for £15/£20/€20. Or you can try it on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console.

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