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Beamdog "Interested" In Casting Icewind Dale Remake

Generally, it's pretty cringe-inducing to watch publishers get ahead of themselves. "Annual sequels, comic book tie-ins, and a movie deal that will pass across the desk of at least one noteworthy director before getting indefinitely shelved," they excitedly proclaim. Then things inevitably don't go as planned, and everyone has a good, long sob. I want to believe Beamdog when it says Baldur's Gate 3 is more than just a Kickstarter-fueled delusion of grandeur, though. And what's this about Icewind Dale?  I mean, what's even left to be looted from Black Isle's naked corpse? Planescape? Lionheart? OK, maybe we can just not take Lionheart.

At the very least, Beamdog hasn't entirely lost perspective. Addressing fan questions on Twitter, Beamdog head Trent Oster tempered his burning ambitions with a cold splash of reality. "The topic of Icewind Dale has come up a number of times," he said. "We are interested, but first we need [Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition] to succeed."

Interestingly, he also noted that Beamdog tried hounding EA for access to the Ultima license, but the publishing behemoth told Oster and co "no thanks." If that's not grounds to be voted double Worst Company in America, I don't know what is.

For now, though, we can at least count on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition this summer. Then we can worry about resurrecting Icewind Dale, Firefly, and the dinosaurs - and perhaps pairing the latter two in a tour de force epic of drama, laughs, and eviscerations that will still ultimately find a way to get canceled.

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