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Beast Agenda 2030 skates out of early access today

You're nicked, Cthulu

Like a malignant sea-god rising from the deep, Beast Agenda 2030 has surfaced its terrible, final form. It's not unspeakable horror or unending torment being brought to the surface by Ouch Giver Games, though, but a procedural playground of skating, hacking, stealth and playful gadgetry. After two years in early access, Beast Agenda 2030 is out today, with a big 1.0 update tidying up the streets and bringing the squid-stomping story to completion.

Yes, it looks like a long-buried Flash game. That's a concession you'll have to make if you wanna do sick skate tricks off an octopus's head.

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Beast Agenda is a procedural top-down immersive sim set loose in a city overrun with ancient squids. The bastards have gone and gotten the rest of the world on board with their tentacled wellness cult, and now they're coming for the comfortably-named Fleece Island. This isn't your normal videogame resistance, mind. Instead of picking up a gun, you've got dozens of gadgets and gizmos at your disposal to help hack, sneak and disrupt your way around roaming bands of fascist seafood.

Nic Reuben took a look at Beast Agenda earlier this year. Even in early access, his pro-skating food-trading squid-zapping first five minutes sounded a right lark. Now that it's properly out, Beast Agenda's story mode is "complete and playable from beginning to end."

You can also now complete the game in a more freeform Free Play mode. Meanwhile new Trial missions have been added to teach the ins and outs of hacking and gadgets. It's quite an extensive update, with plenty of small changes and bug fixes that can be checked out on the official patch notes.

I'll be honest, I'd never heard of Beast Agenda before, but I'm immediately interested after reading patch notes like: "The cat in District 3 now only spawns after rescuing the dog to avoid confusion" and "Oil slicks caused by knifing a car before hacking it disappear much faster now." All-time greats, those.

Beast Agenda 2030 is available on Steam for £10.25/€11.24/$13.49, thanks to a nice little 10% discount during this week's Steam Autumn Sale.

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