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Bel-oh That's Lovely! Below's Gamescom Trailer

The next from Sword & Sworcery chaps Capy

We've been pleasantly puzzled by Below since Capy announced it. The game's beautiful, but what is it? The Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery and Super Time Force folks have spoken vaguely about it being a roguelike-like with plenty of exploration and permadeath--and a game suited for PC--but watching the Gamescom trailer demonstrates an important detail. You can carry a shield and hit things with a sword until they burst. And oh me oh my it's still gorgeous, with a tremendous sense of scale as a tiny person wanders a big, nasty world. The trailer's... below.

I'm only being intentionally obtuse a little. Below's about exploring beneath a mysterious island, though the creatures trying to murder you will somewhat hinder that exploration. And if they get you, you're got for good. Some sort of multiplayer element is planned, but that's a mystery for now too. Sword and Sworcery was great for strange exploration so this is all jolly exciting. S&S composer Jim Guthrie is also providing the music for Below.

Capy haven't even vaguely said when they might release the game, so keep on dreaming. Look, look at this scale and how wonderfully small and pointless your man feels against this giant world. Isn't that comforting?

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