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Below players can try the new Explore Mode right now

Gone explorin'

The roguelike-like survival game Below was a bit more difficult when it came out than its moody, fog-filled trailers suggested, even to me who had been following it for multiple years. Capybara Games announced a while back that they'd heard community feedback and had decided to add a second mode to the game dubbed Explore Mode. Capy are giving PC players a chance to try out the new mode early by opting into a beta branch through Steam from today until next Tuesday, April 7.

Capy say that at launch players really loved Below's vibe and after a lot of feedback "we wanted to provide a way for players to experience that world without necessarily having to overcome the brutal test of endurance required to fully experience the world of Below."

Explore mode will make a handful of changes meant to make exploring underground more approachable for folks who aren't necessarily into the death treadmill thing. I certainly enjoy yer constant death games, but even I had hoped for something a bit more meditative.

While Below's standard difficulty will remain—now called "Survive"—Explore Mode will remove hunger, thirst, and one-hit kills. Your checkpoints and campfires won't be cleared after you use them, taking just a bit of an edge off your ability to explore. You can find the other changes in Capy's Explore Mode announcement post.

If you're keen to give it a try, you can access the Explore Mode beta by right-clicking Below in your Steam library, choosing "properties," and navigating to the "betas" tab. The code "AIMHLSDAASMTCSPS" will grant you access to choose the public Explore Mode beta. Capy provide the rest of the details in their announcement.

The beta is available now for all Below owners and will run until April 7th. The new mode will release in full as a free update on Steam on the day the preview beta ends.

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