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Best RPG of 2016, Sorcery! to add a New Game Plus mode tomorrow

Sounds like witchcraft

We've just got the hot scoop that our RPG of the year, Sorcery! [official site], is to receive a free update tomorrow, that adds in a whole new super-hard New Game Plus mode, along with a sprinkling of other extras.

This new mode is for those who've already finished all four parts of the stunning conversion of the early '80s Steve Jackson Fighting Fantasy books, and want to return to the world afresh, with new challenges, higher difficulty, and a bunch of new bits and bobs to make it a slightly varied experience.

And this is a series that really invites a second play, what with the many paths you'll have left unexplored, and the many different choices (horrible choices) you wished you could have made the first time - I started a second play recently, being as big a bastard as I could, but was then distracted. (A bee.) This is just the prompt I need to get back on with that.

As well as much tougher combat ("merciless" difficulty), there will be some new, more powerful spell objects to discover early on in the game, and even a new area (secret, they say) to explore. And they hint further with this:

The new content will be accessible from tomorrow by putting in the save code for a completed Part 4 into Part 1, thus unlocking the new game mode and its accompanying extras, and maybe inviting the game to eat itself - I'm not sure.

This is to be the last major update for the series, as Inkle move on to fresh pastures, a new game entirely based on their own ideas, which they describe as "bigger, stranger and more beautiful than anything we've attempted before." Which is a rather pleasing prospect after how hugely we've been impressed by this and their first project, 80 Days.

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