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Bet you can't pick a password to meet this free game's increasingly silly requirements

Check out this great little browser game

Trying to create a password to meet silly requirements in The Password Game.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Neal Agarwal

I like to think I'm good at picking passwords. The real secret is to not pick passwords, it's to let software generate passwords for you, but I think I can pick a memorable yet secure password when required to. Well, I thought that until I played The Password Game, a free game you can play in your web browser. You simply need to pick a password which meets its rules, but it keeps introducing more and more which become sillier and sillier. It's a good joke and grows into quite a tricky puzzle game too. Plus it's free!

You can play The Password Game in your browser over here. All you must do is pick a password which meets its requirements.

It starts simple with a familiar password demand, "Your password must be at least 5 characters." Sort that and up pops a new rule, "Your password must include a number." And then, "Your password must include an uppercase letter." Before you know it, you're having to do maths, look up Wordle answers, calculate chess moves, and worse. I'm trying to say just enough to entice you without giving away too many jokes, you know?

It's a good little cycle: the game introduces a new requirement; I laugh at the idea of it; I groan upon realising I now must implement it; I enjoy tinkering with a solution; I feel pleased for solving it; haha oh god it wants me to do WHAT now?

The Password Game is made by Neal Agarwal, and launched yesterday. His website has a load of other fun little browser doodads, including that terrifying scroll down into the depths of the ocean and a silly collection of trolley problems which lets you see how others vote too.

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