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Beyond A Steel Sky continues the adventure game series after 26 years

Return to the ferrous firmament

In 1994, Revolution Software released their second game, a dystopian adventure game named Beneath A Steel Sky. Then they mostly made Broken Sword games for the next 20 years. Today, Revolution finally return to that ferrous firmament with the launch of a sequel, Beyond A Steel Sky. It'll send us into an AI-controlled megacity to rescue an abducted child and definitely not get tangled in any sort of sci-fi conspiracy. Come see some of that in the launch trailer below.

That's Robert Foster again, in new trouble in post-apocalyptic Australia, headed back to Union City to talk to people, solve puzzles, and do all that adventure game jazz. Our Alice Bee played a preview version earlier this year. She thought the characters were "fun and often genuinely funny" and the puzzles "hard enough to be satisfying and make me feel like a smarty pants, but logical enough that I didn't need to use the walkthrough provided for thicky journalists," which sounded promising. That was only an unfinished slice of it, mind.

The Steel Sky sequel had been a stretch goal on Revolution's Kickstarter for Broken Sword 5. While the crowdfunding campaign fell short of this goal, Revolution did it anyway. And yup, comic book artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) is still involved for the sequel, providing art direction. The game debuted on Apple Arcade in June, and now it's on PC too.

Beyond A Steel Sky is out now for Windows and Linux on Steam, priced at £23.99/€23.99/$27.99 with a 20% launch discount. If you own Broken Sword 5 on Steam, you get an extra 10% off. Ye olde Beneath A Steel Sky has been freeware for yinks, by the way, available on GOG and from ScummVM and around.

I do not have vivid memories of Steel Sky myself because the demo disk was possibly the first adventure game I played, and I couldn't solve the first puzzle. Tell me, gang, have you been waiting for this?

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