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A Beyond Good Offer: Beyond Good & Evil Is Free

better news than BG&E2

Seems like we post about how Beyond Good & Evil 2 is/is not coming every six months or so. HAPPY FACE! Oh no but SADFACE! And so forth. What we don't often do is talk about the Beyond Good & Evil game that does really, truly, honestly, no honestly exist. Its beloved nature is so often discussed only in terms of frustration that it never saw a sequel. Well, now's the time to establish a) why so many people still bang on about Michael 'Rayman' Ancel's jumpy-thumpy adventure and b) whether they should still in good conscience be doing so. Ubisoft have made the whole kit'n'kaboodle free for a few days.

It's available from here. You'll need a Ubisoft account to download it, and don't go thinking you can somehow sidestep the divisive Uplay app/service - you have to download it before you can install the game. I only had to sign in four times to make it work this time!

But: free. By way of contrast, it's £7 on Steam. Often pops up in sales, but, y'know. No-pennies is hard to argue with.

Beyond Good & Evil is... well, it's a lot of things. That's part of why we like it. It starts off as if it's gonna be some formulaic action-platformer, possibly even aimed at kids, then keeps spiralling out to all these other places. It becomes progressively more maudlin too, which is probably not what one would expect. Also: green lipstick. Style icon.

Whether it still seems as smart or even coherent as it was back in 2003 I can't say. Much has happened since. Go find out, eh?

Not sure when the offer expires - Ubisoft say only "for a limited time", so get yon skates on.

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