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Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind mod shows ash-choked land

Could use a good hoovering

A new video of Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind, a wildly ambitious upcoming mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gives a look at its version of lands from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This isn't one of those mods remaking Morrowind, mind. The wider Beyond Skyrim project wants to revisit lands from older Elder Scrolls games, exploring how they've changed in the hundreds of years since through new stories which are contemporaneous with the events of Skyrim. How is Morrowind looking after all these years? Not that great, what with the devastating volcanic activity and all. Observe:

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Well, at least not the entire country is covered in ash. Still some nice tropical parts there.

As ambitious as this is, other teams within the Beyond Skyrim project have already shown encouraging results. The Skyrim Beyond: Bruma teaser mod is already out, revisiting a big chunk of Oblivion's lands with new quests, new characters, original music, and over 24,000 lines of new voiced dialogue.

If you're handy with mod tools yourself, perhaps you might fancy answering the recruitment call to help on Morrowind.

For people who do actually just want old Morrowind recreated, story and all, several other projects have you covered. Morrowblivion ports it to Oblivion and Skywind is working on bringing it to Skyrim, while OpenMW brings it to a whole new open-source engine which allows possibilities like multiplayer. It's a law of modding that someone, somewhere, is currently remaking an older Bethesda RPG inside a newer Bethesda RPG. This applies to Fallouts too.

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