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Bicycle! Bicycle! MTBFreeride's Downhill Fun

I own a mountain bike, but I can't really tell you if MTBFreeride's downhill riding fun is as accurate as it claims to be. My bike has been sat in John's back garden for the past two years, so really if the bike in the game moves even one inch then it doesn't match my experiences. No, this game claims that bikes move down hills at high speed, bumping over jumps and whizzing past trees. Where's the crawling vines wrapping around the body? Where's the creeping rust? Where are all the phonecalls from John, his wife, and his dad threatening me? No, this really doesn't feel like mountain biking as I understand it. Consequently, it's a lot of fun.

It does a few things really well: it's functionally pretty, so there are nice trees, well-rendered lumpy ground, and a lovely sun in the sky. Not that you'll be admiring them too much, because another thing is does well is the sense of movement and speed. The first-person view mixes with the solid bumps and the sound of bike wheels wheeling along. I use the Xbox controller to wrestle the bike around corners and over dips because you also need to shift weight around and I find that easier with a thumbstick. It might be a bit overly bumpy, and the speed does feel artificially high, but other than that this is a slick ride through the woods. There are no set paths, though there is a track, so you just need to keep heading roughly in the direction you need to.

Watch on YouTube

For me it went: ride 1, I crashed into a tree. Ride 2, I discovered the bunny hop button and fell over spamming it. Ride 3, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebonkow! It has a Steam Greelight page, which is also the best place to find a working download link. It's also on Desura, but that's version 0.3 and the developer is already up to 0.41.

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