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Medical Trials: Big Pharma Beta Open To Pre-Orderers

Production line fantasies

The real treat of TV show How It's Made is watching production lines whizzing parts around, washing and squeezing and roasting and compressing and mixing and drilling them along a series of conveyor belts. In games, a well-designed Factorio is a treat to observe, Infinifactory is a lark, and I would adore a walking simulator set around an endless procedurally-generated production line. Druggy game Big Pharma [official site] is also available for your production line fantasies.

You can now research, design, refine, and producing medicine as the management/production sim is offering beta access to folks who pre-order. You know, like Early Access but not on Steam.

Alec had a short play of Big Pharma this year, enjoying sending folks into the rainforest to discover new ingredients, researching drugs, trying to improve them, and fitting the machinery necessary for all this into factory space. Oh, and you're also trying to stay afloat as a business.

Pre-ordering at the discounted price of $19.95 (£13) will get you a beta build to download now, plus a Steam key when the game's eventually done and comes out. Here's what's in the current beta, and what's on the schedule to arrive soon. And here's a trailer:

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