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BioWare talking with Mass Effect modders about Legendary Edition

BioWare are currently sprucing up their RPG sci-fi trilogy for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but what will the remasters mean for existing mods? While the future is unclear, BioWare have at least said they're in touch with some modders and have some sort of plan for... something. They're not revealing much for now, saying they plan to talk more about it later. Fingers crossed for some modding goodness?

Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters addressed the subject on Twitter:

This reply was prompted by a conversation involving "Orikon", a modder whose projects including overhauling Mass Effect 3's final mission and restoring ambient sound effects. Orikon had said the week's Mass Effect news didn't change their plans, and they would still finish their current projects - though they didn't know if it'd be technically possible to port them to the Legendary Edition.

Mods for the trilogy include new quests, tweaks to old quests, new and expanded romances, new textures, and, inevitably, some deeply unsexy 'sexy' outfits. I've never touched Mass Effect mods myself despite finishing the trilogy several times, I think because I want a consistent tone and style in such a story-focused series. Any you'd recommend I try, gang?

Fingers crossed that all this hard work can be carried over into the remasters. It does sound like BioWare are planning some sort of mod support, at least.

The Legendary Edition remasters the Mass Effect trilogy with fancier models, textures, effects, and such. You can see some comparisons on the game's site. The first game is getting more sustantial changes than the others, including tweaks to aiming and driving. Almost all the DLC is included too - except Pinnacle Station, because the source got corrupted. ME3's multiplayer has been cut, sadly.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming May 14th to Steam and Origin, BioWare announced this week, priced at £55/€60/$60. They are offering a wee discount on Steam if you own ME3 there, though that's not super useful considering it was exclusive to Origin for its first eight years.

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