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Black Mesa Invites You To Look At Its Bowels

There's a big, big part of me (which may or may not be my conscience) that feels grumpily determined to not ever post about the e'er-delayed fan Half-Life remake Black Mesa. I've been a member of the never gonna happen club for a long time now, but in the interests of OBJECTIVE, SOBER REPORTAGE I will pretend to take the devs at their word when they tell us they'll be finally releasing something 'soon-ish' and show you these new screenshots which purportedly "really give you the first glimpse into the gameplay of Black Mesa."

They come via the Source-powered mod project's Book of Faces page, which just did that 'give us 20,000 Likes and we'll continue our marketing campaign' business to 'unlock' them.

In fairness, these screens do suggest a lot of Half-Life critical locations and enemies have now been (re)created. We've got a Bullsquid, Grunts, a Gargantua, human soldiers and helichoppers and even a cameo from the G-Man. The 'G' stands for Gary, you know.

Here you go. Click to embiggen, or see even higher-res originals over on the BM Facebook page.

Apparently, "This is just the beginning. We have more in store for you in the near future! Hold on to your lab coats!" But I don't have a lab coat. Should I get one?

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