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Blasphemous final free content update sets up the sequel

Out now with new levels, bosses, and items

The third and final big free content update for Blasphemous launched this morning, introducing new levels, bosses, and more. Named 'Wounds Of Eventide' (love a few wounds with my Catholocism), the update brings the story to a point that the upcoming sequel will pick up. Here, come watch the trailer to meet some of the new monsters, including a giant snake. No room for subtlety here.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlasphemous: Wounds of Eventide | Free Update Out Now!

"Unveiling the final chapter of The Penitent One's first story, Wounds of Eventide offers new levels, bosses, items, and secrets to unearth, while unlocking another fate for Cvstodia that leads into the events of the Blasphemous sequel that was announced earlier this year for a 2023 launch," explains the blurb.

You can't find all the newness with a late-game save, mind, so maybe it's time for a replay?

The patch notes also detail a few bugfixes.

This is the third big free content update for Blasphemous. The first added a New Game+ mode with a new questline and new bosses in August 2020, while the second added a Boss Rush mode and a crossover with Bloodstained in February 2021. Now, the end. For now.

As someone raised with a good kick of Irish Catholicism, I adore how Catholic it feels. Many horror games enjoy cribbing from Catholic lore, mythology, and iconography but don't capture the full weirdness or the heart, the heavy heart. When I found out this game was made by a Spanish studio, yup, that makes total sense.

We've declared Blasphemous one of the best games like Dark Souls, saying "it runs so hard with its theme that you've got to admire its blood-soaked vestments. It feels like a bitterly lapsed Roman Catholic and ardent metal fan travelled back in time and made a soulsy game in the era of pixel Castlevania."

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