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Blood Bowl 3 continues Games Workshop's fantasy sport in 2021

Watch out for the Waaaghs!

Following a brief and vague announcement last year, publishers Nacon today revealed that Blood Bowl 3 is coming in 2021 with more violent fantasy American football. Cyanide Studio's latest adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop warsportsgame is building on the latest version, with the new teams and rules of the Second Season Edition. Today's new trailer doesn't have any of the game in action, but it does show some downright unsporting equipment like lawnmowers and tentacles.

Elves and gobbos feel a little mundane for a fantasy sports game after the wonders, horrors, and straight-up babes of Blaseball.

The Ian Games Network got the scloosie and explain BB3 "will feature the new edition rules, teams - like the new Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility - units and their associated skills." IGN say it'll have campaign and multiplayer modes, and pack 12 teams at launch, and some sort of post-launch content updates will follow. While full details for Blood Bowl 3 the video game aren't confirmed yet, I can tell you that the tabletop Second Season Edition does have Snotlings so it's gonna get pathetic.

Our Nate recently talked about how frustrating Blood Bowl 2 can be, partially due to being an "all-too-faithful" adaptation of the tabletop game and partially because the video game isn't helpful enough with the arcane rules.

"Still, and despite all of that, the cruelty of Blood Bowl 2 has its moments," Nate said. "There is a zygote of fun, at least, in that swamp of mean-spirited bathwater. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, genuinely free from all bitterness, when a bog-standard human swung a punch at Slamadeus Grozart, the troll who held together the front line of my team, and killed him stone dead. After a season where hundreds of punches had been thrown both by and against my team, and the worst that had happened had been a scattering of mild injuries, the sudden intrusion of mortality – and afflicting the most durable player on the pitch, too – captured the sublimely weird humour of the 'goofy has died' tweet."

Maybe the new tabletop rules will be nicer? Maybe the new digital adaptation will be friendlier? Blood Bowl 3 is coming to Steam in "early 2021".

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