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Plunkbat dev's next game is steampunk airship MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm

Plunked out

Bluehole Studio are now best known for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, but the mega-hit murderfest is actually the black sheep of their family. Bluehole are mostly into MMORPGs, having started with Tera and Devilian, and this will resume with their next game. Today Bluehole announced Ascent: Infinite Realm, a magical steampunk MMORPG with jetpacks, mechs, airships, wizards, dragons, and Avatar-y magical floating rocks. Amongst all this, also expect realm vs. realm aerial warfare, and a peaceful life building your own estate. Have a look in this trailer:

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I like that it's a bullet point list of features in video format. Let's see:

0:10 - Swanky-ass airships, big and small. Some have flapping wings!
0:19 - Wingsuits for players.
0:35 - Stompy steampunk mechs charge through a city.
0:42 - MMORPG characters on foot hack, stab, and zap a dragon.
0:47 - A great many manned guns blast bugs.
0:51 - Players leap and jetpack around dungeons.
0:56 - Stabbing a big ol' fantasy crocodile.
1:02 - Manning guns to blast big monsters.
1:14 - Teensy personal airships blast a big monster coming out a portal.
1:21 - Fellas building an estate, starting with a nice big house.
1:41 - Fishing!
1:44 - Crafting!
2:07 - A... Mario Kart race running and rolling around inside a barrel?
2:35 - Planting plants.
3:07 - Cruising around on your personal aircraft, attacking airships, dragons, and stuff.
3:28 - Five players crewing an airship together.

And then the rest is more of all that. It's an MMORPG with lots of flying, yeah? It looks quite fancy. I rarely enjoy the structure MMORPGs tend to follow but I do like the look of these big fancy things, even if the video is mighty jerky (hey, the game's not finished yet).

The western release of A:IR (oh, I see) is being published by Kakao Games, the folks who brought Black Desert Online over here. They don't say when it'll launch but they expect to begin closed beta testing in 2018.

Hit the game's site for more information. Sadly, it does not explain the barrel races.

Truly magical.

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