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Bokeh's Silent Hill and Siren-esque Slitterhead gets release date and new in-game trailer

Possess and pulverise

A collage of evil-looking faces in a piece of art for Slitterhead
Image credit: Bokeh Game Studio

Boheh Game Studio's horror game Slitterhead will release for PC on November 8th 2024, the developers have revealed at this year's Summer Game Fest. They've also popped up a new trailer, which is PS2 as hell, in what I consider to be the best of ways.

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The trailer begins with a glum detective dude walking down an alleyway and discovering what appears to be a discarded human skinsuit in a dumpster. Just your average Friday night hooliganism. We see the aforesaid gloomy policeman standing in front of an evidence board, which implies there's some actual detectivising in the game.

But then comes a bit of a gear shift in the shape of a possession mechanic where you control a flying yellow blob that zips into the heads of various rando civilians. It looks like you can upgrade or rather, mutate the people you possess, with characters sprouting claws, sorcerous light machineguns and fleshy swords so as to parry and eviscerate creatures of tentacle and claw.

Bokeh's founders include former Silent Hill and Siren series director Keiichiro Toyama, Siren concept artist Miki Takahashi, Siren character designer Kazunobu Sato, and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka behind the decks. These people know their way around a horror game of a certain generation. I'm looking forward to playing it.

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