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Borderlands 3 has launched its cross-platform multiplayer update

It's also made seasonal events available year-round

Borderlands 3 is celebrating summer with another free game update and a few other goodies. The big new get is cross-platform multiplayer for almost every platform that Borderlands 3 is on, meaning you can group up with most of your console pals. Gearbox have also brought back their seasonal Revenge Of The Cartels event and have gone and made all their other seasonal events available year round. Here are the details on all of those changes that have now launched in the latest game update.

Gearbox explain that cross-platform multiplayer support is being handled by Shift Matchmaking, which is a part of the Shift account that you may already have set up with Gearbox. Enabling Shift Matchmaking after today's update will allow you to group up with pals on PC, Mac, Stadia, and Xboxes.

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If you've spotted the name missing there, yeah, PlayStation players aren't invited to the party. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford posted last month to say they'd been required by their publisher to remove support for PlayStation cross-play in order to pass certification.

Well that's a darn shame for PlayStation folks, but here on PC we've at least now got a greatly expanded pool of pals to play with.

Along with the cross-play update, Borderlands 3 is also bringing back its seasonal Revenge Of The Cartels event and is raising your Vault Hunter level cap to 72. Interestingly, Gearbox are also making Borderlands 3's three seasonal events available year-round. Rather than being limited time, you'll now be able to turn on Bloody Harvest, Broken Hearts Day, and the Cartels event in your main menu. That includes earning cosmetic rewards associated with those events

You can catch the rest of the details on this year's Cartel event and cross-play in Gearbox's post.

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