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Bramble: The Mountain King has folkloric monsters and hedgehog mounts

Trine After Dark.

Bramble: The Mountain King is an action-adventure game inspired by grim Nordic folktales, where the bosses you'll encounter may have some horrible backstory which explains why they now drown people for funsies. It's also seemingly a game where you're a wee smout and can ride on the back of a friendly hedgehog. There's a new trailer which covers both of these elements below.

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There's a lot going on there, but I'm onboard with it. There's even more if you look at the game's Steam page and the other trailers. You're a Borrowers-sized lad exploring a spooky forest, but there are even smaller, seemingly friendly gnome creatures who can climb upon you, as well as all the (giant to you) human-sized boss monsters you'll need to overcome.

The trailer focuses on one particular boss, the aforementioned fan of drowning. He used to be a violinist and now he looks like one of the big nudie lads from Attack On Titan. Most of the game looks like it might be creepy, in a Little Nightmares sort of way, or a Trine-after-dark way.

I'm possibly more interested in the moments of prettiness. There are clearly friends to meet on your journey, and a verdant world of tall grass to run around in between each horrific encounter.

Bramble was first shown off last year with a 2022 release window, but that's now been pushed back until 2023. The above trailer was shown this evening during the Future Games Show, and you can find our posts about the other interesting trailers from the show at the links below.

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