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Breach busts into early access on January 17th

Breach up for the stars

Imagine chopping your way through a dungeon, but each minion might have a human mind behind it. Throw in some techno-wizadry and a few demonic hordes, and you've landed on the pitch for Breach. It's due to come storming through Steam's Early Access doors on January 17th, bringing RPG-style dungeon-clearing to fifteen minute multiplayer matches.

Right: there are a few sensible reasons for why I’m excited about Breach, and a bigger one that is a bit silly.

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It is a shame that all the trailers so far don't really show the game being played. Anyway, on with the silliness.

In John C. "Wildbow" McCrae’s ace web-serial, Worm, there is a computer game described in great and probably unnecessary detail. (There are also thousands of people who have absurdly varied reality-breaking super powers granted to them by an interdimensional cosmic entity that transcends space and human understanding, but don’t worry about that.)

The fictional game from Worm sounds incredible. It’s a PvP dungeon crawler where two teams simultaneously invade each other’s dungeons, battling against minions and bosses that have been architected by their rivals. Breach is… sort of like that!

In Breach, there’s only one person trying to curtail the progress of four adventurers - a “veil demon” who marshals the dungeon’s forces while leaping into the units themselves. I’m drawn to anything that gives different players different toolsets and objectives, and being the Diablo to a party of heroes is a premise packed with promise. The setting is very much my jam, too, a collision of magic and sci-fi nonsense that includes a wonderfully bored-looking laser-firing owl.

But yeah, mostly I’m excited because it’s the closest I’ll get to playing my dream fantasy game from Worm.

Breach will be out on Steam Early Access on January 17th, with the cheapest edition going for $32. It'll go free to play when it's out for realises.

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