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Now you're engineering with portals: Bridge Constructor Portal released

A meeting of puzzlers

Two fiendish physics puzzlers come together today in Bridge Constructor Portal, challenging players to build bridges that shuttle vehicles through deadly labs with the help of Portal's teleportation portals and gels. And, of course, Ellen McLain returns to voice the dastardly AI GLaDOS and taunt us. I have enjoyed the recent resurgence of bridge-construction games, carefully balancing beams and lacing cables then watching it all go wrong, and I'm feeling about ready for one a little different. Observe:

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As you can see, Bridge Constructor Portal's puzzles have a lot more moving parts than regular Bridge Constructor. Along with considering structural integrity and balance, engineers will need to consider portals, buttons, sentry turrets, acid pools, acceleration gel, bouncy gel, laser grids, and those other Portal puzzlebits as they try to ferry stickmen about.

From what I've seen (I've not had a go but this is on my 'to play over Christmas' list), it looks like a nice coupling of two different puzzling styles. And yes, it is cute that the game riffs on the style of Portal's diagrams too.

Bridge Constructor Portal is out now for £7/€10/$10 on Steam. It's made by ClockStone, the same studio behind plain ol' Bridge Constructor, and published by Headup Games.

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