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Brutal Fate is a new gory FPS from the creator of Brutal Doom

No ripping and tearing?

After years of ripping and tearing Doom with the infamous mod Brutal Doom, creator Marcos "Sergeant Mark IV" Abenante is preparing to launch a brand new game of his own. Over the weekend he revealed Brutal Fate, a new retro-styled FPS for you to litter with viscera. Stop me if you've heard this one before: interdimensional demons have invaded a space colony, and it's up to space marines to squish them. As you can see in the trailer below, it does look a fair bit like Brutal Doom.

Those there city maps with AI squadmates do remind me of Brutal Doom's story campaign, which has plenty of both. Brutal Doom already played quite differently to ye olde Doom so sure, continue down that path under a whole new name. I was surprised by one thing I didn't see: no execution animations, one of Brutal Doom's most famous features. Maybe they're passé now Id Software are doing 'glory kills' in official Doom? But yes, still a whole lot of gibs and death animations in this one.

Brutal Fate is built on GZDoom, a modified version of the Doom engine that's used by many mods, including Brutal Doom. So in turn, you'll be able to mod this with new weapons, enemies, levels, and so on.

Despite the bad reputation Brutal Doom might have amongst some Doom purists, not to mention the bad reputation of its creator, it's a pretty decent zippy murderfest. As Dominic Tarason explained, there's more to Brutal Doom than gore.

Brutal Fate will debut on Steam Early Access in January 2021, accompanied by a free two-level demo, with a plan to launch in full in late 2021 or early 2022. It'll also hit GOG and Epic at that point, and hop on over to Mac and Linux too.

Brutal Doom is still available on Mod DB, if you want to see where all this started.

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