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Burned By The Midnight Oil: One Late Night

I love horror and partake of it in all its forms - games, films, books, the news, my bank balance - but I usually find myself disappointed by what's on offer. I'm very particular about how I want to be scared and precisely how much sadistic unpleasantness I'll tolerate. I'm always more interested in spooky stuff that is happening in place that are at least slightly familiar and, having worked in an office, I immediately felt at home in One Late Night's environs, haunted by the whirr of a photocopier and marked by a furrow ploughed between my desk and the coffee machine. Of course, this office is also haunted by a ghost. I hid under a table and pulled a sad face until it went away. You can do the same by downloading the game. It's free!

Watch on YouTube

I play a lot of these free frighteners and I'm convinced most of them exist mainly for Youtube people to scream at rather than for anybody to play and enjoy. One Late Night is beautifully put together though, straddling the line between memory and nightmare effectively, and with some clever use of audio and lighting.

Short-form experiences suit horror particularly well, I feel, because the urge to say or show too much is less likely to take over. Has anyone found any others that work particularly well?

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