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Bust baddie skulls with a deck of tactical action moves this year in Fights In Tight Spaces

But are there trap cards?

Rarely does a deck-building game, nor even a tactical game, look so simply stylish as this. Fights In Tight Spaces is both, which is quite a nice mix of mechanics. Your suited-up James Bondian protagonist busts in to tiny tactical grids to knock baddie skulls with the help of their deck of action movie rear-kicking abilities. Split kick that dorky vest-wearing enemy, action hero!

Mode 7 announced Ground Shatter's next game today with the action-packed trailer below. You'll be a member of Section Eleven, an intelligence branch that aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty when digital espionage falls short. "As a Section Eleven agent it is your job to find direct solutions to emerging threats…largely by smashing people’s faces into things," Mode 7 say.

The trailer below is quite neat, with flashy action shots highlighting your finishing moves. Mode 7 say that you'll choose from a 150 cards to build a deck of skills catered to your own play style. Moves can be upgraded as well. Missions will have various objectives like clearing a room or protecting a VIP target. There will also apparently be an online leaderboard to track daily mission scores. I'm pretty sure I don't spot a single percentage to hit chance either, thank goodness.

Let me trade the news cap for the opinion helmet here right quick. I do not care for deck building games. Regardless of what they're built on top of, I just cannot get interested. I saw "deck-building" and immediately thought "aw, do I have to?" However, I do quite like tactics games and this looks neat enough that I'll gladly put up with my skills looking like cards for this tightly-packed tactics 'em up. Really, it does look pretty flash, doesn't it? Even the cards are pretty stylish. I'm sorry I judged you, little digital cards.

Fights In Tight Spaces will release in "Q3 2020," Mode 7 say. You can find and wishlist it on Steam.

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Fights In Tight Spaces

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