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Fights In Tight Spaces smashes out of early access

Finally got its license to kill

It’s been a little over 9 months since Fights In Tight Spaces first released on to Steam Early Access, and as of December 2nd, it’s kicked open the door and walked into a full release. It’s a unique combination of deck-building and turn-based strategy, presented in satisfying and stylish 3D animation. Sort of Superhot meets Slay The Spire.

In Fights In Tight Spaces, you play as an anonymous secret agent with the aim of assassinating bosses, while moving through the game's multiple chapters. On the way to each boss are several smaller encounters, which act as opportunities for you to get some practice in. You take turns planning the best way to take out roomfuls of enemies, and eventually upgrade your skills and continue the cycle.

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The final release of Fights In Tight Spaces includes a new playable character to choose, as well as new levels to increase the variety for players. The final mission of the game has been replaced entirely too, now containing new levels, characters and enemy abilities. Even long-time supporters should have a wildly different experience playing through it again. There's now also over 200 cards to choose from when deciding what should go in your deck, or if you're like me, over 200 more opportunities to regret the cards you chose.

Developer Ground Shatter also make clear in their 1.0 patch notes that just because the game’s finally finished, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of their job. The team’ll be there to “support the game as it goes forward.” They also mention that the 1.0 release brings with it a host of other smaller balance changes and bug fixes.

The game first appeared in a public playable form as a demo in the 2020 Steam Game Festival (which has since been rebranded to Steam Next Fest). I played it back then and really enjoyed it, but I’ve somehow managed to side-step its early access period entirely. It seems the game has finally drawn the right cards and managed to roundhouse kick me into giving it my full attention again with the 1.0 release.

Fights In Tight Spaces is out now on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for £19 / $25 / €21.

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