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Call Of Duty: Black Ops CIA is this year's game, leaks say

Still no official word

Activision would usually have announced the next annual Call Of Duty game by this point of the year, but seem thrown by the cancellation of E3. They've been camped outside the Los Angeles Convention Center since May, waiting for the doors to open, but no one comes. Please, Ian 3, let Activision in - they're down to their last crate of MREs. We're hearing about it anyway, mind. According to leaks, this year's game will be Call Of Duty: Black Ops CIA and will trip across Germany, Russia, and Vietnam during the Cold War.

Bits and pieces have been leaking around for ages. The Microsoft Store has a listing for 'The Red Door' from Activision, which is not currently publicly available. "There is more than one truth, it says. "If you go looking for answers, be ready to question everything and accept that nothing will ever be the same. The Red Door awaits, do you dare step through it?" Earlier listings in the PlayStation Network database linked The Red Door to a mysterious thing called "COD2020". So, it seems pretty likely The Red Door is this year's CoD.

The Red Door fits thematically, with all the weird MKUltra and digital hallucinations and other oddness that Black Ops has increasingly fallen into. In Black Ops 3 it turns out we died and have been in a simulation in someone else's body, or something? And Black Ops 4 maybe didn't happen and was about resurrecting the dead and brainwashing? Activision's lawyers reportedly also sent a copyright takedown notice to a CoD fansite which posted a Red Door image.

On Friday, TheGamingRevolution posted photos from folks who managed to make The Red Door launch on Xbox, revealing that Black Ops CIA name. Then over the weekend, the leakfreaks at Prototype Warehouse tweeted datamined bits and pieces supposedly from a Red Door build they've been poking at. These included what seem to be campaign map names and multiplayer map names, along with mentions of Warzone and Zombies mode.

None of this is confirmed, these could be hoaxes from the Internet or even from Activision, and officially we know nothing. But Treyarch are probably making summat about the Cold War and CIA antics and that. To be announced... probably soon? CoD games tend to launch in the first week of November.

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