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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting new operators with its fifth season next week

And it looks like Verdansk is getting a train

There's a sneaky-sounding new faction joining the fray in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone next week, and they're bringing some new weapons and operators with them. They're called Shadow Company, which is a name you may recognise if you're familiar with Modern Warfare 2. I'm not really sure what the lore implications of that are, but hey, even if there aren't any, they're at least bringing along three new characters for you to play when Season 5 launches on August 5th next week.

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So, your new Shadow Company agents are Rozlin “Roze” Helms, Velikan, and Marcus “Lerch” Ortega. They all sound like very tough soliders with deep dark backgrounds, and you can read more about them over on the Call Of Duty blog post.

As for this new faction they belong to, Shadow Company are a splinter group from the Coalition and the Allegiance, with "a framework and agenda all of their own".

"Ostensibly Allegiance Operators who have grown impatient with Coalition progress under the command of Captain Price, Shadow Company is a splinter group formed without compromise, ready to take the war directly to Mr. Z and into Verdansk and deal with terrorist threats directly," the post says.

From the trailer, it looks like this season we'll be getting a train chugging around the Verdansk map, too, kinda like the one from Apex Legends. A pretty good addition, if you ask me. Trains are great fun to fight on.

The new guns can be spotted in the trailer above as well. While they haven't been officially announced yet, they were found in datamines previously so we do already know what they are. One of them is the AN-94 assault rifle, similar to your AK-47, and the other is the APC9 SMG.

Sounds like there's a fair bit to look forward to in Season 5, then. As a reminder, it starts on Wednesday the 5th of August, so you have just a few days left to finish off whatever you need to do in Season 4. Have a look for some tip and tricks in our Warzone guide to help you do that, if you like.

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