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Call Of Duty: Warzone's limited-time Rebirth Of The Dead mode lets you become a zombie, arrives today

It's a revamped take on Zombie Royale

If you were after an unhealthy dose of the undead with your Call Of Duty: Warzone, today's the time to get stuck in as the Rebirth Of The Dead limited-time mode will arrive alongside Warzone's big Season 4 Reloaded event. Developed by Beenox, it's a revamped version of Zombie Royale with some tweaks to make it even more chaotic.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded drops at 5:00pm BST (that's 12:00pm EDT and 9:00am PDT for those of you in the US), which brings with it some new bits like: an assault rifle, Portable Redeploy Balloons, Nitro Boosts for SUVs, and Terminator Bundles in the store. The main event is Rebirth Of The Dead, a zombified Mini Royale where you drop in as a team of four and fend off not only other players, but players who've succumbed to the sweet embrace of death.

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Much like Zombie Royale before it, players in zombie-form gain abilities like a charge jump that lets you leap massive distances, disorienting gas grenades, and EMP blasts that'll disable enemy electronics. And just like before, eliminating players as a zombie nets you syringes which you'll need to come back to life.

But here's where Rebirth Of The Dead's new stuff comes in. Zombies will now be able to get syringes more easily, either by cracking open crates or earning more when eliminating enemy players. And there's a new Infestation meter, which fills as zombies are killed. Once it's full, every zombie who was wiped out comes back to life, essentially granting them an afterlife to their afterlife. Oh, and there's a Medical Supplies event too, that chucks syringes all over the map to help teammates better revive their zombified brethren.

It's been yonks since I played Warzone, let alone Zombie Royale, but I remember having a blast with it back in the day. And the changes here sound like they should make matches more chaotic and grant better opportunities for zombies to nab those syringes. In the grand scheme of things, they're not massive tweaks, but they seem enough to keep the pace of Rebirth Of The Dead ticking along nicely.

Warzone is being developed by Infinity Ward alongside Raven Software. Not long ago, Raven Software QA staff voted in favour of uninionising after several attempts by Activision to stop that happening. Raven Software QA staff began to organise after experiencing layoffs after the release of major Warzone updates late last year.

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