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Call To Specular Mapping

The super-secret RPS data-surveillance project OBLONG has been of great boon to us over the years, and most recently snooped the news that a new Call To Arms tech demo video had been released to the "internet". Having sent our agents in to observe the recording, we can now say that the modernised Men Of War really does now include graphical tricks such as smooth cascade shadows and high-poly baked normals. Underwhelming the though the video is, we are forced to ask: does this constitute a threat to our way of life? If the Men of War games were anything to go by, we would suggest that it does.

Now if only we could see some more gameplay.

Watch on YouTube

Not all that exciting, granted, but I am nevertheless following this with feverish anticipation. The Men Of War games pretty much changed my appreciation of RTS games forever, and these days nothing else seems to fill the gap. If someone could create a sci-fi game - say a sequel to Ground Control - with the same sort of engine fidelity then I would, in fact, be in heaven.

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