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Calvinball strategy RPG Disgaea 5 Complete due in May

Nose to the grindstone

Fans of enormous numbers and beating your enemies to death with a living totem pole made of all of your friends, rejoice. Bizarro strategy-RPG Disgaea 5 is coming to PC next month, bundled up with every expansion and piece of DLC it accrued during its lengthy tenure on PlayStation 4.

Sorry for using the Switch version of the trailer - NIS America haven't put the PC version up on their Youtube channel yet.

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While I'm a little sad that they've decided to skip over Disgaea's 3 & 4 for PC (4 is basically a Japanese take on Count Duckula, story-wise), I must admit that Disgaea 5 is the most mechanically interesting game in the series. While you can get away with playing it as a regular strategy RPG through most of the main story arc, it constantly tempts you to indulge in your wildest flights of theorycrafting in side-missions and optional playmodes, which all scale up to preposterously high levels.

If you've never played a Disgaea game before, that's alright too. While characters from the other games in the series (plus a few other Nippon Ichi franchises) make cameo appearances, Disgaea 5 has a self-contained story, and starts things off nice and simple, gameplay-wise. Story-wise it's complete nonsense even by anime strategy-RPG standards, but it does provide you with excuses to throw exploding hell-penguins at your foes, which is always nice.

For those familiar with the series, Disgaea 5 re-introduces some favourite features from earlier games, such as senator-bribing/beating political system allowing you to tweak and modify the rules of the game through accepted consensus. You can also level your bench-warming units by sending them off on expeditionary missions, capture and interrogate enemies (or just recruit them from your enemy's ranks) and more besides.

Disgaea 5 will be out on PC on May 7th, and you can wishlist it on Steam here.

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