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Can you change servers in Lost Ark?

Find out whether you can change servers in Lost Ark

Want to know whether you can change servers in Lost Ark? Like many MMOs, Lost Ark asks you to select a server when creating your character. The server you choose is extremely important, as friends must select the same server to play together. However, as Lost Ark’s player count continues to explode, you might struggle to get into the same server without experiencing long queues and wait times. With that in mind, many might be wondering whether they can change servers in Lost Ark, so that they can transfer characters to team up with friends later on.

Below, we'll cover whether you can change servers in Lost Ark and what to do if you're struggling to play with friends at launch.

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Can you change servers in Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, you cannot change servers in Lost Ark. When you make a character, they are linked to a server and cannot move to another. That means if you want to play with a friend, you need to select the same servers during the character creation process.

Fortunately, Lost Ark allows you to make multiple characters. Everyone gets six character slots for free in Lost Ark, and each of these characters can live on a different server. This means you could build a character now and hop into any server that has a free slot, and then build another character to play through Lost Ark with a friend when there are less server queues. With 5 classes and 15 subclasses to try out, there are plenty of character options to explore, so there’s no need to limit yourself to just one character.

If you do decide to make multiple characters, check out our Lost Ark knowledge transfer guide to see how you can level boost your alt characters and skip over any main story missions that you might not want to repeat.

That’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark server transfers. If you want to unlock more content for your Lost Ark character, take a look at our Lost Ark Twitch drops guide to see what you can unlock by watching streams on Twitch. If you’re wondering whether to download and play Lost Ark, take a look at our Lost Ark PC performance guide to see whether your system can handle some adventures in Arkesia. Make sure to also check out Ed’s Lost Ark review, in which he explains why excellent combat doesn’t necessarily make this grindy MMO an instant win.

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