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Garage Band: Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Magnificent mechanics

In the week that Project CARS released, I've spent far more time tinkering with the innards of motors than I have driving them. Just as I often prefer the time spent equipping and managing a squad of mercenaries to the bloody business of combat, it turns out I enjoy playing mechanic more than I enjoy the thrill of the race. During a weekend of ill health, I shied away from drama and spectacle, but did manage to fumble the lug nuts of Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 [official site]. It is absolutely delightful.

Kickstarted to the tune of $22,000 CAD, the game recouped its budget during its first eight hours on sale and has now received its first free DLC in the form of a European Youngtimer. It's one of the rare 'Simulator' games that is far more than an exercise in absurdist tedium and improves on last year's excellent release, with a stronger structure to support the lovely bodywork.

This is what you will spend your time doing.

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As well as completing random jobs, as people come to you with their ailing vehicles, you can visit auctions to buy run-down cars to renovate and sell on - or build a collection of motors that you (sort of) built with your own two hands.

It's the kind of game that I'm likely to start playing at the end of a day's work (nothing more relaxing than pretending to do somebody else's job for a while), only to find myself proudly finishing off a vintage restoration at 3am. I'd like to pretend I'd be listening to informative podcasts or interpretive car-jazz the whole time, but I enjoy the clicking and cranking sound effects too much to turn them off.

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