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DeLorean DLC Rumbles Into Car Mechanic Simulator

What makes a DeLorean tick?

Is this a 'meme'? Another car game has added a DeLorean DMC-12. Are you 'memeing' on me? It is mighty strange that two games are so interested in an obscure failed car. Am I being 'trolled'? Even more strange is that this one comes heavily modded with sci-fi pipes and lights, just as Rocket League's DeLorean is. Are you 'trolls'? The newest Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 [official site] DLC lets us discover what really makes a DeLorean tick, and I don't know what's happening. Are you all 'Beadling' me?

Car Mechanic Simulator, if you've not encountered it before, is a delightful... puzzle game, I suppose? You get to fix cars, taking them apart piece-by-piece and bolt-by-bolt and putting them back together. There's something oddly pleasing about a puzzle game not being abstract or magical, delving into the guts of things we see every day.

Maybe someone will one day make a game about household repairs and chores. You'd get to change a plug fuse, snake a blocked drain, bleed a radiator - both fun and educational!

Anyway! If you're interested in the only car ever released by the DeLorean Motor Company, the car which ruined them, you can now buy it for Car Mechanic Sim. I suppose it's an interesting curiosity? Maybe developers Red Dot Games are going for some deep cuts? I've no idea why the DLC includes a variant covered in sci-fi greebles as well as the stock model. Given the garish one's similarities to the Rocket League DeLorean, I suspect it's some sort of 'meme' like that grinning face everyone kept 'memeing' me with.

Yeah, you think ol' Alice is clueless but I'm onto you.

The DLC is on Steam, with a 20% launch week discount bringing it down to £2.33/3,19€/$3.19. The base game is on sale too, down to £5.09/6,79€/$6.79.

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