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Rocket League Adds DeLorean DMC-12 In New DLC

A forgotten curio

In 1981, the DeLorean Motor Company started producing its first - and only - car, the DeLorean DMC-12. It was a flop, and the company shut down a few years later. The DMC-12 was expensive, heavy, and slow, so for a good long while many simply sat and rusted quietly in garages, car yards, and barns - too much work to fix up.

The car's spaceship-y stainless steel panelling and gull-wing doors have found a few fans amongst collectors in recent years but, even so, this is a curious development: a DMC-12 arrived in Rocket League [official site] today as DLC.

It's an unusual choice of car to revive in a video game, but I suppose 'gearheads' (the poor addicts!) do prize rarity. If you want to show off your carcred as you play carball, you can pick up the DMC-12 DLC on Steam for £1.59. It includes a 'burning rubber' trail for your car, which seems a little cruel given the DMC-12's sluggish performance was partially responsible for its poor reception.

However, do be warned that Rocket League's version of the DMC-12 is heavily customised with neon lighting, rocket boosters, an aftermarket engine poking out the boot, and some kind of rotating hoverwheels. Even for Rocket League's silly futuresport setting, this a bit excessive.

I question the wisdom of trying to attract classic car fans this way - you won't find Le Louvre selling those ghastly prints of the Mona Lisa holding a lit jazz cigarette.

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