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Carmageddon: Reincarnation Ploughs Into Early Access

To slake your bloodthirst

While many retro revival Kickstarters dreamed of bring back old genres or broader old design philosophies, Stainless Games had a far more modest goal: mowing down pedestrians in several tons of murdercar. Two years later, it's sort-of come true. Carmageddon: Reincarnation has now hit Steam Early Access at £19.99, giving an early taste of the vintage deathracer series' thrills, chills, and bovine kills.

And hey, as it's Saturday afternoon, why not ring in both the launch and settle into the weekend by watching a cute little Carmageddon cartoon? You'll learn so much about friendship and viscera.

As one should expect from an Early Access release, Reincarnation is not finished yet. Right now it only has six cars and three levels, some more finished than others, and may be wonky in unexpected ways. Stainless broadly expects to have the game finished and ready for an actual launch later this year, when it'll bump the price up too. For now, you'll certainly be able to race around open-ish levels, smash other drivers to pieces, mow down pedestrians, and mince entire herds of cattle.

Here's the promised cartoon:

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