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Cast A Beady Eye On This Sniper Elite 3 Trailer

Bullet drop shop.

Gaming confession time. I'll tell you all a secret if you respond with one of your own. Here's mine: I have played 31 hours of Sniper Elite V2. I have a good reason, though. I got a bit sucked into the multiplayer. In some way, the multiplayer solved a lot of the issues I had with the single-player game: the levels are non linear, and deathmatch on the right server is definitely tense fun. It's not a great game, but it did generate a series of interesting experiences for me. So I'm wee bit interested in Sniper Elite 3, even after watching the trailer.

It's not a bad trailer, but it doesn't show the game. Just a man sniping and people dying. The setting is revealed to be Africa, though the promised sandbox levels can't be guessed at from this fallow footage. What I do hope is that the x-ray bullet hit shown splitting the engine components is a real thing that can be done.

The creed of the previous game was "Observe. Plan. Execute.", and it completely failed at it. It was just a series of brain-free bullet points. I'm hoping this time around they produce something a lot more stealthy, and particularly learn from the player positioning of the multiplayer levels.

We're at that point of the year when any announced game's release date is going to be next year. 2014 for this one.

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