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Sniper Elite v2 remaster out this year, Sniper Elite 5 and VR in the works

Hitler Sniping Simulator Redux

Fans of shooting Nazis from very far away have lots to look forward to over the coming months. During a development update stream on Twitch, Rebellion revealed that they've got more WW2 sniping on the docket, starting with a remastered version of Sniper Elite v2 due later this year. While it's a bigger deal for console folks, they're integrating all the DLC into the new edition, giving it a bit of a graphical clean-up and adding a few new playable characters. They also announced Sniper Elite 5 and Sniper Elite VR, the latter co-developed by Just Add Water, but neither were ready to show. See the recording of the stream below.

Sniper Elite v2 Remastered is exactly what it sounds like. The old shooter (personally I'd like a total remake of the original) polished up to modern spec. Resolutions up to 4k, HDR monitor support, all the DLC gubbins and some extra bonuses. Probably the most likely to be used is a dedicated photo mode that can be stepped through frame by frame, for when you want to capture the exact moment Hitler's skull exploded. There'll also be renewed competitive multiplayer support for up to 16 players. No word so far on whether existing Sniper Elite v2 owners on PC will get the new version free or discounted, but I'd hope so.

On the upcoming front, Rebellion had plenty to mention, but not much to show. While they didn't have any footage ready, they did mention that a proper Sniper Elite sequel was in development, but it's anyone's guess when it'll be done. Still early but further along in production was Sniper Elite VR - they're not ready to confirm hardware support yet, but they were demoing it with a PSVR headset. It'll be set in the Mediterranean (same as Sniper Elite 4), and the brief clip they showed of it - with the sniper scope being a proper 3D object you peek through - reminded me of the brilliant Silent Scope arcade series.

At the end of the stream they also confirmed that supervillain management sim Evil Genius 2, first announced two years ago, is still in production. They're not ready to show it yet, but it's nice to know that they've not forgotten about it. No word on whether it'll contain sniping as well, but that might be a little on the nose.

Sniper Elite v2 Remastered is due out before the end of the year. There's no date, prices or even footage of the other games at this point, but at least we know they're in production.

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